The BēKEN was developed by two friends who are average golfers after getting tired of searching for golf balls that their golf partners had already found. They realized that a lot of time was wasted not only in locating a golf ball, but also in re-locating a golf ball. When developing the BēKEN, local businesses in the western New York region were utilized from design to production, so when you purchase a BēKEN you are not supporting another large golf company, you’re supporting a small business.

Product Features

  • Comes in choice of 5 bright colors for visibility.
  • 8-inch height to sit high above the grass.
  • Weighted base to remain upright.
  • Two channels in the base to act as club handle/cigar rests.
  • Hooks for easy pick-up.

Product Uses

  • Acts as a highly visible golf ball marker for balls tucked under thick grass or leaves.
  • Keeps club handles elevated, dry, and clean around the green.
  • Prevents cigars from touching the green.
  • Helps prevent leaving clubs around the green behind due to visibility.
  • Is a portable chipping target for practice.

Benefits of having a BēKEN

  • Reduces time re-locating golf balls that have already been found.
  • Reduces the likelihood of forgetting clubs set down around the green.
  • Assists in overall pace-of-play.

How to use a BēKEN

Simply place or drop the BēKEN by a partner’s golf ball so they can locate it without wasting time searching as you move towards your own ball. The BēKEN can also be placed or dropped around the green to elevate club handles or cigars and prevent leaving them behind. A BēKEN may also be used as a portable target for chipping practice.

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